Anchor Your Boat

Life is ever changing and its waters are never quite still. Whilst we will all  enjoy periods of calm in our lives, we may also experience periods of time that are troubling.  Life events, every day stressors, and different situations can all impact on our mental health and wellbeing.  Difficulties such as depression and anxiety can lead us to feeling overwhelmed,  stuck, or lost, and sometimes we can’t even give a name to the way we feel.

You are not alone! If you want to stop your boat from drifting along with the current, throw down your anchor. If you are tired of being stuck in one place, take up your anchor. If there is a storm coming, and you want to secure your boat, lower your anchor. Sometimes in life, we all need an anchor….. to press pause and slow down long enough to make changes in our life, or even to create movement and get us going again if we have been stuck. Our anchors in life can come in many forms…..friendships, relationships, support, hobbies, the networks we have around us…..and sometimes, therapy can be our anchor….just some of the thoughts I had when thinking of a name for Anchor your Boat.

Anchor Your Boat offers a warm welcome and a safe space to explore difficult thoughts feelings and situations, that may have been preventing you from doing the things that matter to you. It offers understanding, expertise, and an anchor in the form of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), to steady your boat, whilst we shine a light upon the things that have been keeping you stuck. Through CBT, Anchor Your Boat aims to equip you with all that you need to navigate your way through difficulty….to get you back on track, and closer to the goals that matter to you.