Beginning Therapy

If you would like to contact me to discuss therapy, I would encourage you to telephone me in the first instance. I will ask you to briefly outline what it is, that you would like to be different in your life. There is no charge for the telephone contact.

If following this you are interested in attending for therapy, we can arrange an initial face to face consultation, where you can come and meet me at my therapy room. The purpose of this consultation (which is often one meeting, but sometimes more) would be an initial assessment appointment.

The assessment is a useful starting place in which we can meet and ensure that first and foremost, we can work together. It is important that anyone engaging in therapy feels comfortable talking to their therapist!  An initial appointment will give you a sense of whether you feel able to work with me and will also allow us to identify more clearly the problem that has been bothering you. I can also advise you, if I think that an alternative therapy or approach would be more helpful to you.

If you decide to proceed with CBT therapy, appointments are on a weekly basis, and are approximately 50 minutes long.