What To Expect

I offer face-to-face appointments located in the town of Cheadle, within the Staffordshire Moorlands. I work with adults on an individual basis and I currently provide private appointments on a Saturday.

Some of the difficulties experienced by people that I have worked with have included:

• Depression
• Low mood linked to long term health conditions
• Low mood linked to low self esteem
• Generalised anxiety and worry (GAD)
• Specific phobias
• Symptoms of post-traumatic stress
• Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
• Panic
• Social anxiety
• Health anxiety

This is not an exhaustive list. People often do not have a name for the problem that they are experiencing, and this is perfectly normal. In these situations, we can sit down and explore the symptoms that you are experiencing, the things that seem to make this worse or better, how this makes you feel and behave, and any patterns that enable the problem to continue. This will allow us to break down unhelpful cycles and adopt helpful strategies for positive change.

I know how difficult it is to walk though that door for the first time, but I am encouraged by each and every client who tells me how glad they are that they made that step, and how they wish they had made that call sooner. You are not alone.